Tort and Insurance Defense

Unrivaled defense in civil matters.


Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP has an experienced group of attorneys who defend both individuals and businesses faced with potential liability in a broad range of circumstances, including automobile/trucking accidents, vicarious liability, products liability and premises liability for dangerous conditions or the tortious acts of third parties. Cases we have handled range from the catastrophic (such as death, paralysis and/or brain injury) to the common (such as a whiplash injury). We also have defended municipalities in various types of cases including false arrest, excessive use of force and invasion of privacy. Because the bottom line in a defense case is to strike a balance between incurring reasonable costs of defense and, if necessary, paying an appropriate settlement, our first action in a case is to quickly assess a client's risk and exposure and then try to move the case toward an early resolution of the claim (to both avoid unnecessary legal costs/fees and to protect our client from a potentially significant damages award). Of course, if a fair settlement resolution cannot be reached, we excel in defending our clients at trial where we have a proven track record of favorable jury verdicts.