Trucking and Transportation

Holt Woods & Scisciani LLP's Trucking and Transportation group has extensive experience in counseling and representing motor carriers, drivers, owner-operators, and other transportation-related entities.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable in handling all aspects of claims in the transportation field, and we have tried to verdict numerous trucking and transportation-related lawsuits.  We have a strong background addressing the complex issues facing our clients in the transportation field, such as driver qualifications, vehicle maintenance, inspections, drug and alcohol testing, and hours of service regulations.

Our attorneys defend a variety of transportation claims, ranging from those involving minor soft tissue injuries or minor property damage to cases involving cargo claims and catastrophic injuries and fatalities.  Our work often begins before suit is filed, with urgent notice of an accident.  We are able to be onsite immediately, 24/7, and we provide quick advice to our clients after an accident is reported so as to maximize our ability to retain evidence, triage pre-suit issues, and then, when appropriate, attempt to resolve a claim before litigation is filed. 

If we are unable to resolve a claim before litigation is filed, our attorneys specialize in defending and trying complex cases.  We have extensive experience defending complex cases involving fleet management systems, driver hiring and training, cases involving cross-border issues, and cases with complex medical issues.  Our attorneys have defended and tried to verdict numerous suits alleging claims of paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, and death.  Through our defense of complex cases, we have a strong background in depositions of accident reconstructionists, medical experts, vocational experts, and economists.

We are available to assist with accident investigations in the immediacy after an accident, including coordinating onsite investigators and experts.  We have extensive experience working with the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and state and local authorities, on numerous high profile cases involving trucking companies and common carriers (as well as other NTSB related claims). 

Representative Cases:

Western Protectors Ins. Co. v. Insurance Corp. of British Columbia (U.S. District Court W.D. WA, 2009).  Fatality trucking accident, case dismissed on summary judgment and established law on Foreign Sovereign Immunity to foreign insurer client.

Martin v. Conan (Skagit County, 2010).  Trucking accident at weigh station, involving serious brain injury claim, dismissed on summary judgment.

Schutz v. La Costita III, Inc. et al. (Multnomah County, OR, 2013).  Established and confirmed new law in Oregon on Dram Shop Liability, on quadriplegic claim.

Mi Joo Tour & Travel, Ltd. (U.S. District Court W.D. WA, Multnomah County, OR, Umatilla County OR, Piece County, WA, 2013).  Our attorneys handled cases in several jurisdictions over two states arising out of a 56 passenger tour bus roll over off of a cliff.  See:

Bonney Lake Overpass (not in litigation, 2015).  Pre-litigation resolution of claims arising out of a three fatality construction site/vehicle accident.  See:

Plumlee v. TNS Trucking (Skagit County, WA, 2016).  High impact trucking accident, with $6,200,000 claim for catastrophic injuries.  Defense verdict at trial.